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Iastra Broadcasting Network www.iastralive.com. offers viewers the opportunity to view the International Productions, International News, International Entertainers, International Artisans, International Musicians, International Businesses on the iAstra Broadcast Network. People now have the opportunity to find out “whats going on in each region” in a highly targeted and specialized way via the iAstra International Broadcasting Infrastructure.

iAstra’s main focus is on International entertainment, International news, International concerts,  International original productions, International movie / TV show distribution, International music distribution and discovering new talents of the future.

iAstra gives the opportunity to local businesses, artisans, producers, musicians, actors and actresses alike to be seen by many millions of people and become internationally known celebrities and get international as well as local exposure for their business and arts.

The iAstra Broadcasting Platform is a leading cutting edge Technology Platform Engineered to broadcast live and recorded media with equal ease which can be viewed by people all over the world, the maximum potential is over to 3.7 Billion connected viewers worldwide growing at a rate of 17% annually.

Since launch in 2013, data shows that the iastra broadcasting network sites have been visited by over 200 million people and growing day by day!

Our target audience includes but is not limited to:

  • Artists looking to gain exposure to viewers worldwide.
  • Journalists who want international distribution of their news stories 
  • International Businesses who want to offer produts and services to consumers all over the world.
  • Producers who want international distribution of their movies and tv shows.
  • International talent scouts in music, sports and the arts looking to discover and promote new talent and artists.
  • Businesses who want to reach a wide or highly targeted International Consumer base.
  • Event Organizers who want international broadcasting capabilities for their events.
  • Political and Government Organizations looking to “Get The Word Out” to everyone locally and internationally of new initiatives and developments.
  • Political Candidates looking to be Elected into Government Positions.
  • Of Course You the Viewer located all over the world.
  • Hotels, Airlines, Rental Car Company’s Tourism Facilities, reach an international audience with iAstra!!!

We offer various packages for advertisers at perhaps the best possible rates available anywhere on the globe. if your looking to expand into a specific region or have a business in any region you want to put in front of viewers worldwide from all walks of life then iAstralive.com is your online destination.

Distribution of Movies, Music, Documentaries, TV Series, Live Events

iAstra can offer you distribution and exposure to a global audience, our technology platform and you can earn money with your content. Youtube is making it increasingly difficult to earn any money via their revenue share agreement where you earn a fraction of a penny per view and youtube earns 99.9% of the revenues that advertisers pay. iAstra offers content owners much more, contact us to find out how we compensate our people.

Our staff are available to discuss the packages available for video/banner advertising, TV Commercials, Live Events, Placement in TV shows and in Movies, full page adverts and full length features where we shall produce and run your company online promotional activities at very affordable prices.

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