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The iAstra Coin System

The iAstra Coin System is a very very sophisticated Fully Integrated Tracking System that stores, rewards, pays and counts literally everything as well as automatically calculates payments to Content Owners / Video Uploaders and even allows Members to Purchase larger amounts of Coin for investment purposes.

Paying Content Owners

iASTRA pays Content owners 50 iASTRA Coins for every 1000 views their video gets. Plus they get 1/2 iASTRA from every viewer that watches their Video as a Tip.…. We get the other half Coin. Thats a lot more than Youtube or Netflix pays.

Rewarding Our Members

Reward System built in - When a member does something on iAstratv.com they get a reward, such as when a person registers they get 10 Coins for that, when they make a comment on a video they get 1 Coin that and when they upload a Video that is approved they get 10 iASTRA Coins for that. We even pay our members to watch movies.









iAstra offers its members the ability to upload all sorts of content AND earn income from it.

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iAstra Global Partners

iAstra is working with partners around the world, signing agreements to license our technology and offerings in their respective countries, but also to host and broadcast their own live events and local news happenings. iAstra has made licensing agreements for the deployment of “iAstra Dubai”, “iAstra Brazil” to cover the huge South American Market and is speaking with potential partners to license “iAstra China” and other “Territories”

iAstra will have Studios in each region that produce huge amounts of Local Content to be distributed via the iAstra Network Partner Sites and to other networks around the world.

iAstra Broadcasting is a Decentralized Private Network. Broadcasting Live and Recorded Media to a Global Audience via the World Wide Web from North America, Europe, Africa and South America
soon to launch in Asia and the AUE with new Licensees in Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and other regions that make up the iAstra Network Platform.


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