Iastra Network Options

Iastra Network Site Advertising Options

browser-company-100x100Company / Org / Celebrity Showcase Pages
Create a Iastra Showcase Page to raise brand awareness,
promote career opportunities,
and educate potential customers on your
products and services.
browser-logo-100x100Logo Regcognition Campaign (Entry)
Your Logo will appear in prominent locations during Live Broadcasts you
want to be in and be placed in prominent locations in the Arts & Entertainment
Community sites of the Iastra Network
 browser-header-100x100Header Banner
Within the Iastra Broadcasting Network of Websites we have
many many choice locations for banner placement on a variety of websites
enabling you to target your audience with extreme precision.
browser-sidebar-100x100Side Bar Banners 250 x250
No better way to build Brand Awareness and get Clicks to your
webpage both CPM and CPC Formats as well as Monthly Unlimited
Clicks and Unlimited Impressions for per month.
browser-footer-100x100Footer Banner
Delivering real engagement, often people that scroll to the bottom of
the page are searching for something, this makes the Footer Banner a real
engaged click
browser-video-commercials-100x100Video Commercials
(Widgets & Iastra TV now on over 50 websites)

Our viewers are “tech Saavy People from all walks of life and
now in all age groups world wide” it doesn’t get any better than that.
browser-text-ads-100x100Text Ads in Feed and on Web Sites
Iastra takes Text Ads to a New Level of Satisfaction with 
Unlimited Impressions, Clicks and Conversions, your flat fee is
$19.95 per month.


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