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Is a subsidiary of iAstra Broadcasting that will transmit to all regions of the world, with servers collocated on 5 continents the Iastra Productions will be Broadcast World Wide in all Languages.

We are in the process of producing 3 TV series called; "CEO's Success Stories", "Exotic Destinations" and "The Underground". These 3 TV Series will be broadcast both locally and globally via the Iastra Infrastructure.

CEO’s Success Stories”

We have noticed that there are no shows or even mainstream media that features certain CEO's that are not connected with a certain group of companies many call "the cartel" which only promotes CEOs and companies they have investments in. We're going to change that.

CEO success Stories is a TV Series that will feature up and coming CEO's and or CEO's that have achieved excellence in their field. iAstraLive is just wrong so we will produce "CEO Success Stories" that Celebrate CEO's and companies that are leaders in their field and are truly the innovators, this TV Series will be distributed globally via the Iastra Broadcasting Global Network and our websites and later licensed to all other networks around the world for maximum distribution, iAstra firmly believes you should get your due credit for your Success and your achievements in the same way the "mainstream media" promotes their companies and CEO's on television networks they own which ignore you.


The Underground”

Just the same as "Cartel CEOs", Certain Artists are not promoted internationally either. There are literally many thousands of talented artists that we are going to show the world by telling everyone their stories on "The Underground", this is largely dedicated to the Music industry. iAstra will broadcast their shows globally and will tell their stories and Rowdy Confessions as they tour and travel around the world.

This is our mission statement to the Artists of the world we support.

Exotic Destinations”

The idea of Exotic Destinations is to show the audience all the beautiful, exciting and fun things that their vacation destination has to offer. The target audience of Exotic Destinations are young travelers who not only want to visit a beautiful place but also want to have fun, party and meet other people in each region to form lasting relationships with.

We will show all this and more in a reality series presented by locals who know the "hot spots" in every city that international travelers would like to know.

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